Nissan Group Shot-Rolex Reunion 2018---1


A sea of red, white and blue factory-backed Datsun racing cars interrupted by orange and yellow. Even today, the former IMSA GTU championship car and its current custodian, David Martin, are disrupting the vintage racing scene. Martin can most commonly be seen racing at his home tracks of Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point), although he has traveled as far as Road Atlanta and Le Circuit Mont Tremblant.


Under the supervision of the legendary Huffaker Motorsports (Engineering), the Transcendental Racing 240Z continues to battle its former competition of yesteryear. Having Huffaker Motorsports based at Sonoma Raceway makes for a convenient racing weekend!

Martin most enjoys participating in the annual Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Here we ride shotgun in a Porsche RSR, following a battle between celebrity Adam Carolla in his Ex-Newman/Barbour Hawaiian Tropic Porsche 935 and David Martin's Transcendental 240Z. Martin follows patiently waiting for an opportunity pass, and ironically chooses the least likely place to do it! Down the Corkscrew and into Turn 9, Martin makes the pass on the outside. 


Pictured alongside the Transcendental Racing Z is an old rival, the ex-FAR Performance and Bay Area Datsun Dealers 240Z driven by Walt Maas (Above). In the early 1970's, Jack Scoville and Walt Maas earned their titles as the men to beat in the Northwest Pacific and Northern California regions. When they came head-to-head, it was often a coin toss. Scoville and Maas first did battle in their new 240Z cars in June 1971 Olympia Sprints at Laguna Seca. Scoville can be seen leading Maas down the infamous Corkscrew (Below Left). Today, the two owners and friends race each other for bragging rights at Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway, and have gone as far as Road Atlanta for the Mitty during 2018's Datsun marque feature year (Below Right).

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Other friendly IMSA foes of the past include the Bob Bondurant 260Z (Bottom), Joel Anderson 240Z (Right) and James Brolin 240Z (Left). These early Z cars make up a nice group of Datsun racers on the West Coast, that have traveled across the country to fight each other!

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