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After Brad Frisselle moved onto his Chevy Monza in the the late 1970's, the 1976 championship car was sold off to a racer in Mexico. It was not until the late 1980's or early 1990's, when Bob Sharp Racing Crew Chief Gene Crowe saw the car at a national race. Crowe recognized the car by its cage but it had been butchered over the years. Crowe approached the owner of the car and asked him whether he knew what he had, he did not know. Under the dents and dings of an old race car was a champion. Not long after, for roughly $3,500, Frisselle was reunited with his old car and began the early stages of a rigorous restoration.


For the better part of two years the car underwent a surgical restoration at Cavaglieri Restorations. Every inch of the car was thoroughly inspected, reevaluated and, if needed, restored. The IMSA GTU G-nose body panels were replaced with fiberglass units, and all missing components were replaced with period copies.

The result was the rebirth of an absolute legend - the 1976 IMSA GTU Championship car.


Frisselle raced the car only once, at Palm Springs for a vintage race in 1995, before it went to the Cunningham Museum in Southern California. Frisselle had three children at that point and decided that vintage racing was not really for him.