IMSA Champion


Brad Frisselle began racing the newly built car in 1974.

He would compete in the 3 liter IMSA GT above 2.5L

class at Charlotte and Lime Rock. Frisselle recalls that

the car was pushing about 300 horsepower, where his

competitors in factory Porsches were at about 340 to

350 horsepower. Disappointingly, Frisselle did not

finish at Charlotte due to mechanical complications.

Lime Rock, however, was a glimmer of hope. He would

finish 2nd in the GT class behind Bob Sharp. The 1974

season was a major stepping stone in making the car

both competitive and reliable.



In 1975, Brad entered six races in the newly formed GTU class. He had his first three professional victories at Mosport, Mid-America and Talledega, and second place finishes at Mid-Ohio, Laguna Seca and Atlanta. His success paved the way to win IMSA’s Most Improved Driver that year, becoming the only man to win these coveted awards in both IMSA and the SCCA.



Then came the golden year of 1976. Frisselle would go to war with Bob Sharp, Elliot Forbes Robinson, Walt Maas, Jim Cook and a slew of factory Porsches. When asked what separated Transcendental Racing from the competition, Frisselle reflects back that the factory Porsche teams tended to buy the cars and race them as built from factory. Transcendental Racing leveled up their chances by bringing an elite team to the front lines, who engineered the hell out of their car. Given Frisselle was on a privateer's budget, he did not participate in the 24 hour of Daytona that year. Frisselle saved where he could, driving his own rig and flying the crew out to events. 1976 was a fully dedicated effort, as Frisselle had no other job at the time. He absolutely put everything into racing. His hard work paid off. Frisselle went on to win the IMSA GTU championship in 1976, scoring eight victories out of the eleven races that he entered. Brad soundly defeated the factory Datsun and Porsche teams as a privateer with his own team.


A true David versus Goliath effort!

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IMSA Grand Touring Under 2.5L


1975 Season
Mid Ohio 2nd (Pole Position) 
Laguna Seca 2nd
Mosport 1st
Mid America 1st
Talladega 1st

1976 Season - IMSA GTU Champion
Road Atlanta 1st in class, 15th overall
Laguna Seca 2nd in class, 10 overall
Ontario 4th in class, 12th overall
Lime Rock 1st in class, 5th overall
Mid Ohio 1st in class, 5th overall
Daytona 250 1st in class, 9th overall
Sears Point 2nd in class, 9th overall
Talladega 1st in class, 5th overall
Pocono 1st in class, 5th overall
Road Atlanta 500 1st in class, 8th overall w/ John Morton
Daytona Final 1st in class, 10th overall