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In 1978, John Knepp and his Electramotive team were set to participate in IMSA GTU competition. The only problem was that the IMSA GTU Z car they were building was not ready for action at the start of the season. From April to June 1978, Electramotive borrowed the retired 1976 IMSA GTU championship winning car in order to buy themselves time to finish their own car. The newly 83 numbered retired race car was no slouch, completing all three of its races in very respectable finishing positions. Devendorf raced the car at Laguna Seca (April), Hallett (May), and Lime Rock (May), finishing 5th, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. Competition that year included Sam Posey, Frank Leary, Lee Meuller, Dennis Aase, Dave White, James Brolin and others. From June forward, Electramotive would finish their car and return the ex racer to its owner. Although Electramotive finished just short of winning the championship that year, their success and development work in 1978 would pave the way for their 1979 IMSA GTU championship win. 


In-period, there were no other cars as well-built or engineered as the Transcendental Racing and Electramotive early Z cars. They were truly engineering marvels of their time.

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Courtesy of Edward Mills


Electramotive IMSA GTU Z car